The Tans

Neville is the senior pastor of the Church of God in Singapore. He also gives leadership to the planting and nurture of congregations in Southeast Asia and Indo-china. Neville is also very involved in encouraging and training pastors and church leaders throughout this area of the world. In addition to these ministries, Neville is an itinerant evangelist, speaking at schools and churches in many parts of the world, and is also involved in prison ministry in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and Indo-china. Faith United has been privileged to have the Tans visit with us on two occasions.







The Ayalas

The Ayalas are missionaries to Belize.  Alfonso is a medical doctor working in cooperation with the government, advising and participating in different committees and task forces. The task forces focus on concerns ranging from preventive medicine and the health of the aging to national policies and public health information to planning and strategizing with different sectors. 


Elizabeth teaches Spanish as a second language at a local high school. Her involvement with teenagers provides opportunities to extend her ministry to their parents and teachers, mostly through counseling. She also assists two supervisors of teachers, who oversee fifty-six schools.

Alfonso and Elizabeth have served the church as Sunday school and VBS teachers, youth camp counselors, conference leaders, missions speakers, Bible study group leaders, community development workers, and health promoters.


Alfonso and Elizabeth have two children, Elizabeth and Alfonso.


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